Add movements to your design, instantly.


Play with movement like a pro

Play with movement like a pro.

A modular wireless kit of motors, light controllers and sensors that lets you add tons of movements to your design, instantly. Powered by a phone app that makes you seamlessly create advanced movements and interactions.

So what do you want to do?

Move your camera, animate your origami, automate your stop motion, or build your own interactive installation.

It’s time to RGKit Play.

Switch on the modules and they will automatically sense each other and connect to your phone. That’s really it! You don’t have to worry about wiring or complex electronics. RGKit App is powerfully designed to bring you the ultimate experience with two modes. Choose Manual to control all the modules in real time, or Auto to automate a sequence of movements. Adjust the speed, acceleration, duration, and a lot more. All with zero lines of code!

Effortlessly powerful.
Wirelessly connected.
Did we mention, no-code?

*The modules need to be plugged to a power source.

Different movements.
Loads of accessories.
One motor.

With the variety of options in RGKit Play’s accessories you will get to create the movements you want and all of this with just one motor: Rotator. Move back and forth or up and down, go in circles, pull, push, lift…you name it.

Lights, camera, subject. All magically synced.

Pull, lift and squeeze with high precision.

Rotate your camera 360° continuously or with steps.

Sync your light subject and camera movement easily.

Master complex shots in tabletop videography.

Connect the modules like building blocks and sync them.

Shoot in slow motion with high accuracy.

Set a sequence of movements to the fraction of a second.

Create the smoothest movement. Don’t miss the perfect moment.

Automate colorful messes, and delicious shots.

Move it
Move it

With built-in motion stability features RGKit Play produces the smoothest movement, so you could eliminate jitters, and shoot videos like a pro. And with RGKit App you will have high precision in distance, time and speed.

What can be done with RGKit Play?

For videographers. For stop motion artists.
And for all creatives

The movements you’re thinking of, and more…

Stop motion just got fast!

Connect RGKit Play to your stop motion app and automize the whole process. While triggering the camera to take a shot, control your subject’s or camera’s movement to automatically move and stop within the duration you decide.

Interactivity at your fingertips

Go a step further and make your design interactive! With RGKit Play’s Touch sensor your design reacts to you and moves accordingly. You can place the sensor under surfaces like wood, glass, plastic and paper and it will detect your touch through the surface.

Phone app
for instant


Different movements
Loads of accessories
One motor

Synchronization of
multiple movements

AI for motion

with stop
motion apps

About Argineering

Argineering is a design-centric award-winning startup aiming at democratizing robotics for the creative industry by creating no-code tools, software and gadgets for creatives to freely explore moving designs without technical restraints. Every tool or platform we plan to create, all fulfill this same vision of empowerment. Our US patent-pending technology has been used globally by luxury brands and top creative agencies to create interactive experiences and displays, from Hermès, Selfridges, Jelmoli, Charles Tyrwhitt and more.