Bring every great art alive.

We’re making interactive environments and immersive experiences accessible for everyone in the creative industry. Interactive environments are places, objects or designs that physically interact with you when you take a certain action. With RGKit, artists and designers can create interactive environments with an easy-to-use process, using both hardware and software. It requires no engineering skills and zero lines of code!

How It


Think of RGKit the same way you think of the human body. Feel Modules are the senses, while the Control Unit is the brain. It processes and orchestrates movements sending signals to the body; Animate Modules, to start moving. Finally, the same way we connect with each other, Connect Modules are designed to connect with any other device.


Feel Animate Connect


Program RGKit modules with zero lines of code. Easily customize your entire project. Extend to other devices. Click play and let the magic happen.


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