Bring every great art alive.

Design your display. Plug the modules in. Customize interactions on the app. Just like that, your design becomes magically interactive. Introducing RGKit the world’s first modular plug-and-play gadget that transforms displays and exhibits into interactive spaces; with an easy-to-use application.

How It


RGKit is a modular gadget of Feel Modules, Animate Modules and a Control Unit. Feel Modules are the sensors detecting light, touch, proximity and more. Animate Modules are the actuators controlling different types of movements such as rotation and light intensity. Choose your desired Feel and Animate Modules and mount them on your design, along with the Control Unit. Plug the power, and the modules connect wirelessly to each other. Then, use RGApp to easily set the parameters. Finally, when you click play, your design comes to life with no engineering skills and zero lines of code!


Feel Animate Connect

Urge to Connect!

Driven by an urge to connect, people will always find ways to interact. We are not static, so why should our displays and exhibits be? It’s about time they come alive!

For the creatives out there, we know that crafting spaces that interact with people can be complicated, with a lot of technical challenges. To make everything simple, we create the tools that make physical designs interact with people the same way we interact with each other, in the easiest way possible. So you can engage senses, stir up emotions and create immersive experiences.


Program RGKit modules with zero lines of code. Easily customize your entire project. Extend to other devices. Click play and let the magic happen.


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